On the (Fire)Side

Kristofer Åström Rainaway TownKristofer Åström is likely best known, if known at all, as the singer of the Swedish band Fireside.  Fireside have been around for over 10 years and are considered to be a very influential band in their native Sweden.  Over here in the US they’re what you would call a cult band.  How cultish, well there’s a website named after them called the Firesideometer, which is a web-zine inspired by the band.  Fireside started out as hardcore, and have inspired a devout following and produced a handful of albums. 

Singer Kristofer Åström has done a bunch of solo albums as well, but Rainaway Town is the first to have a country flavor.  If you are the kind of person that thinks the best Wilco record is AM, then Rainaway Town is definitely for you.  How does a Swede convincingly do country you may ask?  Well, I don’t know exactly how he did it, apparently he’s working with a totally different group of musicians for this album.  Don’t let the “country” description scare you, this is really a pure pop record with country tinges that add to the warmth of the songs.  The first single Just a Little Insane caught my ear and seduced me into buying the whole enchilada.  And Songs like Conjure Me, A Little out of Tune and It’s the Way made me so happy I did.  Rainaway Town has been in nearly constant rotation over at my house since its April release and is making a great summer soundtrack to hanging out at the beach and treks to the mountains.

When’s the next Fireside album due?  Who cares, when you’ve got Rainaway Town in the meantime.

mp3: Kristofer Åström – A Little Insane
mp3: Kristofer Åström – Its The Way

buy: Kristofer Åström – Rainaway Town

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