The Call of the Wild

Sea Wolf + Tiny Vipers | The Crocodile | 27 June 2007

Sea Wold at the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle.  27 June 2007

Actually it wasn’t very wild, but it was very good.  In fact it was even a little refined.  Full discloser though, I’m a sucker for the cello, and Sea Wolf employ it in large doses.  Alex Church has put together a full band to realize his songs and they really do them justice, that and the sound at the Croc last night for their set (most nights actually) was perfect.  You could hear every instrument and every syllable from Church’s mouth. 

With only two ep’s to their name, and really only one widely available, the band is doing a short west coast jaunt to promote their new Phil Ek produced ep, Get to the River Before It Runs too Low.   Church kinda has John Fogerty thing going on, at least in appearance, and the band definitely has a country tinge to it meshed with a So-Cal easy going attitude.  The more upbeat songs were the crowd pleasers with Ses Monuments sounding even more REMy live with it’s jangly guitar, and the cello in You’re a Wolf sounding downright seductive.  They played nearly all of the afore mentioned ep as well as a few songs that have been floating around in the blogosphere, closing with Black Dirt, which starts out slow but builds quickly into one of their best songs.  Look for it on the full length record to be release sometime later this year.

I also caught the Tiny Vipers set, whose Sub Pop debut hits shelves at the end of July.  The Tiny Vipers is really only Jesse Fortino, and boy is her music quiet.   How quiet you ask, most of the songs were so quiet she was nearly drowned out by the buzz of the monitors.  She played an acoustic guitar, using some effects pedals for echo and distortion and had another guy playing second guitar and bass.  A few of the songs were really good and she’s got a really strong voice reminiscent of Grace Slick or even Delores O’Riordan crossed with a bit of Joanna Newsom and vintage 4AD.  Besides being very quiet she also appears painfully shy on stage, sitting down the entire time and barely saying a word between songs. 

mp3: Sea Wolf – You Are a Wolf 
mp3: Tiny Vipers – On This Side

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  1. cut_here · June 29, 2007

    Just wondering, around what time did Sea Wolf start? I wanted to head over after we helped out Mono In VCF by filming their Chop Suey show but ended up staying for Black Tie Dynasty since we figured we’d missed Sea Wolf (well, that and my friend that was driving wanted to stay and film BTD.).

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