Noir City in Rain City

The excellent San Francisco based noir film festival, Noir City is making its inaugural journey up the coast for 6 dark, drama filled nights in July.  SIFF says that this is supposed to be the start of an annual occurrence, which I think is totally brilliant.  Head over to McGraw hall at the Seattle Center where there will be two movies screened each night of the festival.  A $10 measly will get you in to see les deux.  It runs from 6 July to 12 July with screenings of a bunch of films that have never had the pleasure of being on VHS or DVD.  Check it out if you’re looking to bone up on your hard boiled dialog.  I’ll be there, look for somebody in a trench coat and hat, with a bottle of scotch in one pocket and a bottle of plane water in the other.

Here’s what’s playing, go to the SIFF site for more details about each of the flicks and their show times.

July 6: Thieves’ Highway/Deadline at Dawn 
July 7: Pitfall/Woman on the Run
July 8: Desert Fury/Leave Her to Heaven
July 9: 99 River Street/Framed
July 10: I Love Trouble/Pushover
July 11: The Spiritualist/Nightmare Alley
July 12: Scarlet Street/Wicked Woman

Mp3: Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians – Raymond Chandler Evening

One comment

  1. sally · July 27, 2007

    it’s McCaw hall

    not McGraw hall

    just FYI


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