Take a Trip to hollAnd

Trevor Kampman started out as a child actor, and then took a turn as a professional skate boarder, moved on to be a graphic designer, musician and then producer.  His first moniker as a musician was Sea Saw, but he now records infrequently using the hollAnd name instead. It’s been 6 years since 2001’s I Steal and Do Drugs, so when earlier this year Teenbeat put out The Paris Hilton Mujahideen it was a pleasant surprise.

Typically hollAnd records are minimalist synth oriented affairs, containing short and often catchy songs.  When his first album Magnetophone (Simple Machines) was released under the Sea Saw name, it got compared a lot to Stereolab, because of the use of analog synths and its retro-futuristic sound.  The songs did have lots of analogue synths, but there were good doses of guitar throughout.  There was a song on Magnetophone called Stereo that was later covered by Chicago band Number One Cup.  It sounded like the original song on steroids with it’s full on rock treatment.  That cover was totally amazing and made me go back and listen to Sea Saw a little more closely.  It also made me think that Kampman should rock out a bit more on his songs.  He never really did though, with hollAnd continuing down a mostly minimalist electronic path that sounded a bit like American Analog Set on amphetamines. 

Well not until now.  I Steal and Do Drugs did have allusions to applying full on guitar angst on the track Bloodbath. But now on the new album, The Paris Hilton Mujahideen, Kampman employs the angst and guitar full on.  Each song is compacted with sharp shreds of guitar, those afore mentioned minimalist synths and Kampman’s cool, cool voice, which sounds a bit like label mate, Mark Robinson.

Yeah, it came out back in February I think, but it’s held my interest for nearly as long.  With it’s title you can pretty well guess there are some sharp, critical lyrics for the government and US culture, Kampman actually sounds pissed…in a cool icy way, and to the beat of a catchy song.

From the Paris Hilton Mujahideen:
mp3: Boolean Misery Index
mp3: Mint Missels

buy: The Paris Hilton Mujahideen

Sea Saw’s original version of Stereo from Magnetophone:
mp3: Stereo

…and Number One Cup’s version from their ep Kim Chee is Cabbage:
mp3: Stereo

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