It’s the New Richard Hawley

HawleyRichard Hawley’s Lady’s Bridge will be unveiled in the UK this week. Eager Americans will have to wait until 2 October for the physical cd. Initial reviews have quipped that Hawley is covering no new ground on his fourth full length (fifth if you count his recently re-released debut ep), but they’re wrong on a couple levels. First if you’ve got a voice and guitar chops like Hawley, why should you mess with perfection? I for one do not want to hear him making electronic, post punk or angular guitar rock. Second, this record is quite different if you really know his previous records. There are a couple tracks that have a quick, rockabilly sound, and there are a couple others with some subtle guitar washes that remind me of Cocteau Twins. Don’t worry though, he’s still got the heartbreaking balladeer thing going on as well (Take a peak at the first single for reassurance). Lady’s Bridge is a beauty of a record,  and a bit more diverse than the excellent Cole’s Corner.

It sounds like there’s a strong chance of Monsieur Hawley making it over to the US.  It was bad timing last time he was in Seattle, with my daughter being born the same day he was here….if you’re wondering I did make the right decision.

While we Americans wait for the release of Lady’s Bridge, as well as visit by the man himself, here’s a track from the new record.  When I first heard it I immediately thought of Morrissey and Certain People I know….

mp3: Serious


  1. bill p · August 20, 2007

    sometimes i think we should just merge our blogs.

  2. Toby · August 20, 2007

    same song too! that nails it, next single from the record.

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