Tacticians Give Us Some Fulfilment

FulfilmentA lot of ink has been spilled on this blog about the Tacticians, but it’s definitely worth a mention that the band are set to release their first album on Setanta Records.  Some Kind of Urban Fulfilment on 3 Sept over in the jolly UK .  The band is a duo made up of brothers Ollie and Joe, they’ve released two proper singles to date, the excellent London’s All Right and the follow up Girls Grow up Faster Than Boys.  All the songs from those two singles have been rerecorded for the album.  At first I wasn’t quite sure that was a good idea, but the new versions have grown on me and the new songs are no slouches either.  You be the judge of the old versus the new, here are both versions of London’s Alright. 

mp3: London’s Alright (original single version)

mp3: London’s Alright (new album version)

buy: The Tacticians – Some Kind of Urban Fulfilment

read more: An Interview with the band over at SoundsXP

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