Love Goes On

Grant McLennan by Jenny Watson
When Grant McLennan suddenly died of a heart attack last year at a much too young 48 years of age, it took everyone by surprise.  The Go-Betweens were at the top of their game and seemed to be finally getting some long overdue recognition.  Even though they never really broke out of their cult band status, their cult of fans is and was quite devoted to the band.  Love Goes On, the tribute album to Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens is getting ready to be released on Rare Victory! Records in October. The entire endeavor is being done by fans of the Grant and the Go-Betweens.  There was a post earlier this week on the indie-pop list with some interesting details about how this project has come together. It seems that Grant has inspired a lot of generosity, even after his death.

    It’s as indie a project as you can get:  just a couple of fans (David James and Sherri Buckner, who formed Rare Victory on hearing of Grant’s passing and out of a desire to honor him) contacting and bringing on board different bands we all respect, and specifically who consider The Go-Betweens to be influences to their art and/or who were fortunate enough to have collaborated with Grant in the past. And a couple more fans/friends giving their time and talents in their respective fields and anything else they could (e.g., fans worldwide–including pro photographers–donated images of Grant over the years; the graphic artist is a friend; Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover doing the liner notes/tribute; a guy from (I think) Capitol doing the mastering in his limited free time and at a HUGELY discounted rate; myself as psychologist cum marketing/PR/legal VP, haha)…! .it’s been a trip to witness it all pulling together over the last year!  It’s also been quite a treat (though bittersweet) to hear all these tracks, but more so to see all these different people and bands from all over the place wanting to participate/collaborate for no other reason than to honor Grant.  God knows he deserves it, but I’m still in awe that it’s all come together and that it’s almost at fruition.

There is a myspace page for the record on which you can hear songs from the album.  Currently the Clientele’s beautiful version of Orpheus Beach is up as well as the Bats doing Right Here Right Now.  I’m anxious to hear Luke Haines’ version of 16 Lovers Lane outtake, You Won’t Find it Again.  Here is the full track listing for the album: 

The Bats:  Right Here
Brookville:  Haunted House
The Clientele:  Orpheus Beach
Future Pilot A.K.A.:  Dusty in Here
GB3 (with Angie Hart):  Devil’s Eye
Luke Haines (The Auteurs):  You Won’t Find it Again
Paul Handyside (Hurrah!):  Bachelor Kisses
Ivy:  Streets of Your Town
Kelman:  Apology Accepted
Ed Kuepper (The Saints):  Finding You
Mellow Drunk:  Boundary Rider
The Orchids:  Magic in Here
Portastatic:  Bye Bye Pride
Private Eleanor:  Love Goes On
Stars:  Cattle and Cane
Trembling Blue Stars:  Coming Up for Air
Phil Wilson (The June Brides):  Black Mule

myspace: Tribute to Grant McLennan 
read more: Robert Forster’s Tribute to Grant McLennan 
read even moreRecent Interview with Robert Forster 

mp3: Go-Betweens – You Won’t Find It Again


  1. giselle · September 16, 2007

    Thanks, again, for your support, Toby! Hard to believe, but the final product is at print and preorders are up and running…faster than we’d expected the orders to come in, to be honest….it’ a bit dizzying! LOVE GOES ON! :)


  2. Al · September 28, 2010

    thanks for the track listing

  3. Al · September 28, 2010

    thanks for the listing the tracks

  4. Al · September 28, 2010

    oops, sorry about the double comment!

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