Blogs you don’t have to Read.

Tune in man!Have you ever thought that music blogs are great except that you have to read them?  Well now you don’t have to read them, you can just tune into Blog Fresh Radio, actually that would be click into.  Blog Fresh Radio is a weekly show that talks to the people behind the blogs about the music they’re writing about.  So in case you thought I could only type, this is proof that I can talk as well.  This week’s show features a handfull of blogs, including yours truely talking about the Tacticians, and Dave Allen of Pamplemoose (grapefruit to we english speakers) blog who also happens to be the  bassist for Gang of Four.  It’s different blogs every week, so if you think this week’s crop is a bunch of know nothing’s, next week will be totally different. Alex the host of the show talks to blogs from all over the globe and plays music picked by each blogger.

check it out here: Blog Fresh Radio


  1. aj · September 5, 2007

    in the illustrious words of G. you’re a dork. . .

    but I love it

    more later from Austin

  2. Toby · September 6, 2007

    Aj, what are you saying man?

  3. aj · September 7, 2007

    oh yeah, don’t thay call those podcasts?

  4. Toby · September 7, 2007

    yeah, tomato…tomata.

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