Spoon Seattle Showbox Episode

Spoon | Showbox | 5 September 2007Spoon at the Showbox, Seattle
It’s been a while since Spoon has been in Seattle to headline a show. They seem to be always playing the festival du jour around town (Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party, Sasquatch). We finally got them back at the Showbox Wednesday night, playing to what seemed to me to be hard care Spoon fans. The show was sold out, no surprise there, since their new album has been gaining accolades from around the music world with a general consensus that it’s the best thing they’ve put out thus far.

I overheard many Spoon conversations last night, covering the spectrum of best record, best song on ga ga ga ga ga, how great a drummer Jim Eno is, etc.  The conversation in my little group was a little less visceral, since we were debating whether Don’t Make me a Target was about the current administration or rant against big box stores.  Whatever the conversation, they were shunted when the band sauntered on stage, and launched into Small Stakes and then straight into (my favorite song from ga) Don’t you Evah.  This opening one, two punch was followed up by bringing out the horn section from opening band Black Joe Lewis, for Cherry Bomb and Stay Don’t Go.  They should seriously think about getting a full time horn section, and I can’t help but think this is one reason why Black Joe Lewis were chosen as openers.  Whatever the situation, the horns kicked butt, and they returned later for the Underdog and Jonathon Fisk. 

Britt Daniel is a great front man, totally at ease and having a genuine good time, telling everyone how he’s trying to relocate the entire band to the Pacific NW and asking a girl in the front row where she got here purple Prince 1999 shirt (his favourite Prince album).  This show was easily one of the best Spoon shows I’ve seen.  The band was on last night, and the sound was pretty amazing as well, with every instrument coming through the PA distinct and clear.  We also got a good cross section of all the albums (except for Telephono which Daniel has all but disowned), I was aghast to hear Quincy Punk Episode and Mountain to Sound, from Series of Sneaks and Soft Effects respectively. 

They ended the main set with Black Like me and came back for an encore that made me wish they could have played for another hour.  Me and the Bean was amazing, easily better than the Girls Can Tell version and making me hope someone recorded this show.  Fitted Shirt closed out the night and it totally rocked the house.  Brit pining for the days when people said ma’am and yes sir, not only had the entire joint getting down, he had the entire Showbox on their way over to the Nordstrom to find a shirt that fits right!
Spoon Set List…that’s my thumb.

They didn’t play everything on the set list but enough to make me happy.  I’ve got more pictures over at flickr.

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