It Hugs Back

It Hugs BAck

It Hugs Back are a relatively new UK band from Kent.  Their single Lights in the Trees was one of my favourites from last year and their new one, Carefully is quite good as well.  It appears that others have taken notice of these guys, becuase they’ve just signed on with Too Pure, home of the incomparable Stereolab and Electrelane.  They will be putting out a third single in December on the Too Pure single club label, and an album hopefully will follow in the new year.

When I first heard Lights in the Trees, I couldn’t quite place it, but I knew it sounded like something I’d heard before.  It’s got a warm guitar buzz and hushed vocals and some nice horn parts.  To me, their sound has a very mid 90’s American indie ring to it, think Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads or Sebadoh. I did finally figure out who it was they  reminded me of, it was the Mary Lou Lord song Some Jingle Jangle Morning, that has to be a very close older relative to Lights in the Trees. 

Have a listen to It Hugs Back vs. Mary Lou Lord:
mp3: It Hugs Back – Lights in the Trees
mp3: Mary Lou Lord – Some Jingle Jangle Morning

And check out the video for their latest single Carefully:

buy: you can buy both IHB singles from their web site.  While you’re there you can download 5 songs from a Radio 1 session they did.

One comment

  1. Kippers · October 9, 2007

    The resemblance between those two songs is uncanny. They’d better hope Ms Lou Lord isn’t overly litigious!

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