Back Home at the Tractor

Arthur & Yu | Tractor Tavern | 17 October 2007
Back home at the Tractor

Arthur and Yu wrapped up their tour opening for Toronto’s Great Lakes Swimmers this past Wednesday night back home at the charming Tractor Tavern in Ballard.  This seemed the perfect setting for their blissed out folk-tinged pop, and the room was full of fans.  They opened with the whistling song Flashing the Lobby Lights and hit all the highlights of In Camera.  Mid set, they threw in a couple non-album songs, that I found out later were ones that didn’t make the album.  They didn’t sound like b-sides to me so maybe they’ll make the next record. 

Grant mentioned a couple times that they had made fast friends with Great Lakes Swimmers, and had them up to join in on their final song of the night Absurd Heroes Manifestos.  That song turned into an extended jam with GLS providing additional guitar and mellotron.  Since I last saw them back in July, Arthur and Yu have totally gelled with their band.  In Camera was recorded as a duo, but after tonight I’m really excited to hear what lies ahead for them as a full band.

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