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hollAnd’s Love Fluxus

I was a little late on the last hollAnd album, but fear, I’m on top of it this time. Love Fluxus is out 23 October on Teen Beat. That’s two albums in the same year, who does Trevor hollAnd think he is, Euros Childs?

Where The Paris Hilton Mujihadeen was overtly political, Love Fluxus is a record devoted love gone good and love gone bad, and otherwise. The songs are all bursts of short, sharp, shock, that are mostly electronic based, with Trevor’s sacharine tinged voice playing off guitars that come colliding into each of the songs. Sound-wise, it has a lot in common with PHM, and it seems like he could have gone with a double album, a kind of Love and War kinda thing.

I for one hopes this hollAnd onslaught of records keeps up, the only problem is which one do I pick as my favorite? Not sure on the answer to that one, it could be both.

mp3: hollAnd – Your Sycophants
buy: hollAnd – Love Fluxus

One comment

  1. Jason H · October 28, 2007

    Yeah, I loved PHM. I was introduced to him through the work he did with Barcelona back in 2000 or so. You’re right, this would have made a great double album. Peace!

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