Caribou Running Wild in Seattle

Caribou at Neumo’s | 29 October 2007

Caribou at Neumo’s

There seems to be this misconception out there that Caribou are this sleepy bedroom music type of band. They make these neat little records that were meant to be listened to on your headphones. Well Dan Snaith and his band are out touring trying to clear up that misconception. Caribou live are truly something that will blow you away. The stage is set up so that two drum kits are front and center with the guitar bass and keyboards at the back of the stage. The drums are the front of the Caribou psychedlic steam train and Monday night at Neumo’s I was on the tracks getting run over by their blissed out psychedlic, kraut-gaze locomotive.

Main Caribou, Dan Snaith was all over the place, as the second drummer, playing guitar, keyboards, melodica, and twiddling knobs throughout the set. On almost every song he would grab his drum sticks and duel with main drummer Brad Weber. The drums sounded amazing and for me really propelled the sound of the show. The new record Andora is an excellent retro pop record that eschewed the more shoegaze tendencies that seemed to be pervalent on Milk of Human Kindness and Up In Flames, but live the wall of sound/ethereal/psychedelic sound abounded. At times I had visions of Neu! as the band seemed to get into a groove and go. My only complaint was that I wish they would have kept going with the groove. It seemed like they would just get going and the song would come to an end. I wasn’t the only one that thought this, after a few songs I heard a guy yelling “play it out man!”. The Highlight of the set for me was She’s the One, it’s repetitive chorus really took off on top of a rush of guitar, and the band seemed to stretch it out like I wish they would have done on all the songs. Caribou live is definitely a different beast than their records, one that’s a bit more, erm wild, and entrancing.

Openers Born Ruffians were ok, in Futureheads, early XTC kind of way. The singer’s vocal ticks were a bit off putting and they sounded a bit thin. They saved their best song Hummingbird till the end of the set.

Set list from Caribou show at Neumo’s.  The tape is over Sandy

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