Smoke ’em if ya got ’em

1990’s at the High Dive | Seattle | 4 November 2007

1990’s at the High Dive, Seattle

Man, the 1990’s were smokin’ last night at the High Dive. We’ll most everyone was smoking last night. How could that be at a bar in Seattle where you can’t smoke inside? The show was sponsored by a cigarette manufacturer so there were free fags for the taking as well as free drinks and free 1990’s CD’s. Hell, even the show was free. To get drinks and cigs, all you had to do was say you are a smoker, answer a few questions and let a woman with a giant suit case full of cigarettes scan your driver’s license and you were living large. So you would think a free show with all that other free stuff, the place would be packed. I did too, but I was wrong, there must have been some wires crossed somewhere, because the 1990’s have an excellent record out called Cookies that is a full on rock ‘n roll party record, part Velvet Underground and part Rolling Stones with undeniable hooks. I’m positive, if more people had heard it, they would have been rushing down to Fremont for this show.

Guitarist Jackie McKeown and drummer Michael McGaughrin are songwriting duo of this Glaswegian trio. McKeown fronted the excellent Yummy Fur which put out some excellent Fall influenced records in the 90’s (both Night Club and Sexy World are worth seeking out) and that Fall influence still shines through a bit in the 1990’s.

The band kept alluding to being a bit hung over from the night before, but their performance didn’t suffer from any cobwebs that lingered from the previous night. Their short set hit all the highlights from Cookies, opening with the first song on the record, You Made Me Like It and ended with the album closer, the cacophonous Situation. Really, songs like Arcade Precinct, Is there a Switch for That? and See You at the Lights should be radio staples around these parts. Maybe they are sporting the wrong influences at the wrong time, not sure, I always thought classic pop was, well…classic pop and never out of style. No matter, the sparsely populated High Dive totally was down with these guys and the band didn’t seem to mind playing for a small but enthusiastic bar.

mp3: 1990’s – You’re Supposed to Be My Friend

buy: (the excellent Bernard Butler (Suede) produced) Cookies

bonus mp3 #1: from McKeown’s old band the Yummy Fur – Kirsty Cooper (from the album Night Club)
bonus mp3 #2: Yummy Fur – In the Company of Women (from the album Sexy World)

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