Elephants on Parade

Very Clean Elephants

It seems like there are a lot of Elephants these days. There are the Elephants from Tacoma, WA, who just played the Crocodile last week and then there are the Elephants that come from Copenhagen. Today we’re talking about the Danish Elephants.

Elephants dkApparently the pop bug that hit Sweden some while ago has made it’s way across the Kattegat into Denmark. Charming indie pop seems like such a derogatory term, but their songs are charming and they certainly could be classified as indie. Lots of energy and sugary hooks are in every song, throw in some e-bow, harmonica, excellent female backing vocals and a few strings and well, you’ve sucked me in. As for bands as a point of reference, think Peter, Bjorn and John, or more obscure Swedes Park Hotell, or old timers Moose and the Close Lobsters. Their debut album is out now on the German label Tapete records and was produced by Morten Bue, who has produced the Figurines excellent Skelleton from last year. It’s a beauty of a record, but don’t take my word for it…

mp3: The Elephants – Caroline Knows

mp3: The Elephants – Shivers

mySpace: The Elephants

buy: the Elephants the new album


  1. Heather · December 4, 2007

    I saw them play during CMJ. Well, two of them came to NY and played. They pulled it off, but it was clear how nice they would sound with the full band.

  2. Toby · December 4, 2007

    Since they were at CMJ, I wonder if this is going to get a US release?

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