Smashed Up, Cut Up and Broken Up

My singles collection, Vol. 14

The McTells - Break Up

McTells – Break Up 7″ (Vinyl Japan)

The McTells were a UK band that released most of their music on slabs of 7″ vinyl. Vinyl Japan compiled a whole bunch of those records onto a CD called What Happens Next and the band actually did release two albums titled Cut Up and Smash Up. This single came out at, or near the end or the band’s career back in 1994. Of all their records, I think that this was my favorite. It was just the right amount of McTells, four songs, 2 on each side. They were as catchy as the band had ever wrote and it did what a single is supposed to do, leave you wanting more. The needle on my record player usually stayed on side A of this single with the one-two punch of Clearly and C without I ringing out in my bedroom as long as I had the energy to get up and put the needle back to the beginning.

Half the stuff in my collection I can barely remember where I got it, but this single was purchased on a trip to Boston at Newbury Comics in Cambridge. It got a lot of play from me and a few others on my grad school college radio station, WCDB, Albany. Sorry about the scratches, but that’s the way it goes. It seems like most of the singles that came out on back in the 90’s were on low grade wax, plus when you try to fit two songs on a side, the sound quality tends to go down as well. This was also released on cd single, so someone out there likely has a better copy of this stuff.

Side A 1 mp3: Clearly
Side A 2 mp3: C without I

Side B 1 mp3: Jump Start
Side B 2 mp3: Let You Back


  1. Paul · July 14, 2015

    Iwe (mctells) keep talking about put up digital copies from the master tapes online. When we have time…

    • Toby · July 14, 2015

      That would be nice! Sorry for all the typos in this post. It was in my lo-fi posting days…the sentiment was there, but the delivery was scratchy.

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