Just Like Old Times

Richard Hawley at the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle | 10 December 2007

Richard Hawley playing the Croc

What more can I say about Richard Hawley that I haven’t already said. He and his band brought the hi-fi sound of their short north American tour to the Crocodile Monday night. If you were wondering if Hawley and his band are as talented as they sound on record, there was no doubt after last night’s show. Dressed in nice dinner jackets and sporting a ton of guitars, stand up bass these guys nailed it. They more than nailed, they just sounded amazing on every song. Richard Hawley has a baritone croon that can make women weak in the knees. He’s also an excellent guitarist, and the guitar playing last night made me weak in the knees, with Hawley and Shez Sheridan seemingly connected telepathically rarely looking at one another, yet playing seamlessly.

Kicking things off with his trademark “Let’s Ballad” the band rolled through Valentine, Roll River Roll and Just Like the Rain. He had me at Valentine but when they played Coles Corner, well that song just makes me want grab to a beautiful woman and slow dance, luckily my wife was with me, because I may have grabbed some random girl’s hand and asked her to dance. The set ended with a rollicking I’m Looking For Someone, I love the rubber band guitar sound in that one and Sheridan made it sound just like the record. The band came back for a two song encore, closing with the Ocean, which was pretty much jaw dropping in its washes of guitar with Hawley and Sheridan showing their chops and leaving us wishing, no begging, for more. Hawley’s music evokes a feeling of another time and another place and that is exactly how it felt last night…perfect.

More photos and the set list over at my flickr page.

…and you can hear the entire gig, by clicking this and downloading it (courtesy of NW Tapers) in FLAC or MP3.


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  2. Ben · February 19, 2008

    Thanks for sharing and top one to Richard for letting the recording happen. Some consolation since we’ve not been able to get him out to SEAsia yet.

    Ben – Singapore

  3. Kelvin · February 27, 2008

    Thank you everyone, for sharing an excellent show!
    Kelvin ~Malaysia.

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