And Another List: Songs and Singles of the Year

toby preparing his listOne more list before the lights go out on 2007, this one is for my favorite songs of the year. I purposefully made this list mutually exclusive with my albums list. So if you made a great album this year you were automatically disqualified from this list. I guess it’s kind of a cheat, but why tread over the same ground. A lot of great stuff either came out as a single, ep, or was buried on album that didn’t make my top 20 for the year. All of the above is what this list is for.

1. Wire – 23 Years Too Late [mp3]
This is the first song from read and burn 03, and the band say none of these songs will appear on their record slated for release next year. If this wasn’t good enough for the album, then the album will be amazing.
2. Ida Maria – Oh My God [mp3]
I’ve posted this song and written about this Swedish, nee Norwegian songstress/rock ‘n roll goddess a ton already. First album due in ’08, don’t say I didn’t warn you….
3. Shit Disco – Another [mp3]
I saw their album on a few year end lists. Not mine, but this song got a lot of play. It’s about coffee, or is it? No matter, their Gang of Four sound totally caffeinates the song.
4. Ladybug Transistor – Always on the Telephone [mp3]
This shouldn’t have been the first song on their album, because how do you follow up such a great song? You don’t.
5. New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour [mp3]
Dan Bejar writes 2 or 3 songs for each New Pornographers’s album, no surprise. He totally steals the album this time and Myriad Harbour is the best of his 3 contributions. Kind of a surprise when you’re competing with Carl Newman and Neko Case.
6. MIA – Bamboo Banga [mp3]
Anyone who yanks Jonathon Richmond’s lyrics from Road Runner and makes them her own, has my undying affection.
7. Kristofer Åström – A Little Insane [mp3]
Swede and (country) rocker Åström shows us his No Depression side, and it makes for a catchy combination.
8. Von Sudenfed – Chicken Yiamas [mp3]
Mark E Smith teams up with Mouse on Mars and reinvents the Fall, only he calls it Von Sudenfed.
9. The Answering Machine – Silent Hotels [mp3]
Another one from a band I’m anxiously awaiting a full album.
10. British Sea power – Atom [mp3]
I knew they had it in them, this song harks back to the maelstrom of their early singles, Spirit of St Louis and Childhood Memories.

11. Bees – (This is for The) Better Days
12. Watoo Watoo – Perdu
13. Dizzee Rascal – Hardback
14. Calvin Harris – Acceptable in the 80’s
15. Mary Onettes – Void
16. Shaky Hands – Why and How Come
17. Let’s Wrestle! – I Wish I was in Husker Du
18. Legroscube vs. Katerine – Le Jardin Boutanique
19. The Sleeping Years – You And Me Against The World
20. 1990’s – Arcade Precinct
21. Tegan and Sara – Hop a Plane
22. Bella – Give it a Night
23. Park Hotell- Born a Thief
24. The Shins – Sea Legs
25. Jason Falkner – The Knew
26. Fionn Regan – Put a Penny In the Slot
27. The Plasticines – Loser
28. Maximo Park – Our Velocity
29. It Hugs Back – Carefully
30. Radio Luxembourg – Eli Haul


  1. bill p · December 28, 2007

    This list makes me realize I need to expand mine to at least 35.

    Also, “Better Days” was playing on my stereo as I pulled this page up… weird.

  2. simpleasfire · December 28, 2007

    Thank you much for the intro to Ida Maria!
    It’s like nothing I’ve heard all year.
    And that is good. Very good.

    Appreciate the head’s up on a band I’ll be watching in ’08.

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