It’s Seattle Week: The Stereo Future

Since this blog/web site/thingy is based in Seattle, I figure should give some time to the huge number of bands that call this fair city their home.  A few Seattle bands slip in here and there around here, but this week I’m going full tilt, focusing the entire week on Seattle.   There are already a lot of blogs that cover the Seattle music scene quite well, and you can find them over on the right hand side of this page. But given the number of bands around here, I figure there’s room to squeeze in a little love of Seattle music in this space.

I’m constantly amazed at the sheer number of bands around here, this isn’t a huge city like LA, Chicago or NY, but for some reason a lot of bands call Seattle home. So I’ve christened this Seattle Week here at the finest kiss. This week is totally devoted to bands that hale from the emerald city. Maybe you’ve heard some of them, maybe you haven’t, all of them I’ve recently discovered through various means. I’ve got at least four for you, there are likely an exponential amount more out there on our rain soaked streets that I would like, but I just have to find them. So without any more words, let’s start Seattle week!

the future of stereo before your very eyes The Stereo Future, are signed to the Japanese label Delicious and have two eps out in Japan, but absolutely nothing released anywhere else. This foursome likes their pop with washes of synthesizers over top an 80’s sounding vibe. I wasn’t super impressed with the songs I’ve heard from those two eps, but the new demo they’ve put up on their website is really good, with it’s more downbeat vocal and train-like bass line. I’m instantly reminded of a less sleepy Radio Dept. and 80’s one hit wonders the Red Rockers when I hear these guys. Since they’re on a Japanese label you don’t hear much from the Stereo Future around these parts, I guess if I lived in Japan I’d hear a lot more about them…weird. They just played a gig at the Comet last week and are at work on their first full length, of which they have offered up the afore mentioned song.

mp3: The Stereo Future – Level 8 (new demo from forthcoming album)
website: The Stereo Future – where you can get more songs

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