Seattle Week: The Purrs

February 4, 2008 at 10:19 pm | Posted in mp3, Music, Seattle | 1 Comment

the purrs being kept together by chemistryWelcome to day two of my week long post-o-rama focusing on the Jet City. Day two is dedicated to The Purrs , who have been around for a while but never came across my radar. They’ve gotten a lot of support by local radio station KEXP, but I hadn’t heard of these guys until Mat, who I work with, asked me if I’d heard them. He had only heard of them because a girl in his akido class was wearing their t-shirt which caught his attention. So those t-shirts do work for selling cd’s, wow! The band sound like they could have been born in the LA Paisley Underground, think the Rain Parade, but less jangly guitars. They also remind me a bit of Australians the Church both from their layered guitar sound and Jima’s cool voice having a few similarities with Steve Kilby. Their new album the Chemistry that Keeps Us Together which was self released back in November of last year is a real beauty. It’s got great three minute pop songs and then some longer ones that let the band crank up their a hazy mellow, psychedelic blues thing. I’m pretty excited to see these guys live and it looks like I’ve got a couple of chances in February, dates below.

mp3: the Purrs – She’s Got Chemicals(from the The Chemistry that Keeps Us Together)
website: the Purrs – where you can download all of their old records and buy their new one

Upcoming gigs:
Friday, 8 Feb at the High Dive
Tuesday, 26 Feb at Chop Suey (opening for A Place to Bury Strangers)

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  1. […] Earlier this week I compared the Purrs to the Church and after seeing them live I’d like to reitterate that one, because not only is Jima a bass playing front man, but guitarists Jason Atkin and Jason Milne are like a Marty Wilson-Piper and Peter Koppes duo, expertly playing off of one another and creating a wall of blissful noise that is something to behold. The entire band were solid, exuding a cool confidence with their playing that I rarely see. They hit all of the highlights from the new record, starting the set with a full-throttled version of Waiting for the Asteroid. Frozen in Time, She’s got Chemicals, Junk and Jill and Miles Away all hit the same highs that they do on record. They also threw in three brand new songs, one of which Jima mentioned that the band might get around to recording, but in the meantime we could hear it on his home answering machine. I guess he’s got some kind of They Might Be Giants dial-a-song thing going on over at his place. […]

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