Seattle Week: The Hungry Pines

piningHere we are at day three of my week long expose on bands from the city that used to call itself the ‘Gateway to Alaska’. The Hungry Pines are a band on the cusp, they have yet to release anything at all. So all I’m going on here is seeing them live and a few songs they’ve put on their myspace page. I saw them open for Emma Pollock back in November and they pretty much made me a believer. The songs that the band have up on their myspace page are from their upcoming record, which apparently is in the can. So the combination of their live show and these few songs has me anxiously awaiting the album’s release. I formerly described their sound as a twin guitar assault that had some gothic undertones. I also hear a bit of another Seattle band in their music and that would be that Ann and Nancey Wilson band Heart. Come on admit it, Crazy for You, Barracuda?? Great songs. They even have that two women fronting the band (though they’re not sisters) and the two guys on bass and guitar thing going on. Their gothic – indie version of Heart is just about perfect, with their guitars doing Heart one better, by blazing into a sound that harks back to some excellent UK bands of the early 90’s like Salad, Sleeper and Echobelly. Hungry Pines also have some great songs of their own, plus a twin guitar assault that totally rocks it! Look out!

mp3: the Hungry Pines – Fancy You(from their myspace page)
myspace: the Hungry Pines

Upcoming gigs:

Feb 21 at the Comet
Feb 23 at the Vera Project (opening for Speaker Speaker)
Feb 29 at Mars Bar
Mar 19 at High Dive (opening for Lucy Bland)
Mar 27 at the Sunset

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