Seattle Week: Say Hi

Don’t just say hiAll right, we’ve made it to day four (whew) of Rain City week here at the Finest Kiss. Say Hi are not originally from Seattle, but we’ll definitely call them our own. You may remember them as Say Hi To Your Mom, but they shortened it to the simple yet kinda strange sounding Say Hi. So they’ve relocated (from NYC) and changed their name, what is he hiding from? I hadn’t really taken much notice of Say Hi (to Your Mom), which is really just Eric Elbogen, until I heard the first song on the new album The Wishes and the Glitch. Northwestern Girls is a sad yet catchy song with a thumpy beat that reminds me a bit of the Postal Service but odd enough to also remind me of Aqueduct. It’s not all electronics though, guitars show up too, it is rock and roll after all. Oboes Bleat and Triangles Tink could be a direct descendant of the Replacements‘ Within Your Reach with it’s guitar riff over top a bed of loops. It’s moments like this that look to the past, but are planted firmly in the present that make this album so interesting. Apparently most of it was recorded in his bedroom over in the Ballard neighborhood. There are a couple guest appearances, one from John Roderick of Long Winters and another from David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, so it looks like he’s settled in nicely to his new Seattle digs. It may have taken him five albums to get my attention, but better late than never. The entire affair is an excellent electronic, bedroom record, but it’s huge pop hooks make it something special and more than the sum of its parts.

mp3: Say Hi – Northwestern Girls(from The Wishes and the Glitch)
mp3: Say Hi – Oboes Bleat and Triangles Tink(from The Wishes and the Glitch)
website: Say Hi (Where there are more mp3’s and you can buy the new album.)
upcoming Say Hi gigs: There’s a ton of ’em, so they could be coming to your town

mp3: The Replacements – Within Your Reach (from Hootenanny)

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