Seattle Week Comes to an End with Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, up on the surface for a bitIt’s Friday and what better way to wrap up this Queen City week  extravaganza, than to talk about Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. They may be dressed like Sgt Pepper over there on the left, but Kay Kay could be a tin pan alley version of the Electric Light Orchestra. Or maybe they are the new Zombies? Listening to their songs, I can’t figure out if they were recorded in 1967 or 2007. Whatever the case, they know how to write some sugary pop songs with lovely strings, piano, harmonica, banjo, and pretty much every other instrument you can think or. The core members of the band number only three: singer guitarist Kirk Hoffman, keyboardist Kyle O’Quin and cellist Phil Peterson, but live they are known for fitting as many people on stage playing as many instruments as possible. Kirk and Kyle were/are also in Gatsby’s American Dream, but this now seems to be their full time band. Their Live from the Pretty Parlour CD/DVD release made the number two slot in the Three Imaginary Girls reader’s poll this year. That release has only whetted my appetite for the their first full length record which is ready to hit the streets imminently. The self titled record will be available in three different colors of vinyl, rainbow transparent, rainbow milk and orange with red speckles as well as CD. Though I’ve yet to see any info about the cd version, could be I’ll be dusting off my turntable to enjoy this one. The band will be playing a few shows to celebrate the release, get yourself out of the house if you live in Portland, Vancouver or Seattle!

mp3: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Simon Courage Flees The Coop (from the self titled debut)

mp3: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Santa Cruz Lined Pockets (from the self titled debut)

MySpace: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

Upcoming Gigs:
Feb 16 Towne Lounge, Portland, OR (with Siberian)
Feb 17 The Media Club, Vancouver, BC (with Siberian)
Feb 18 The Triple Door, Seattle


  1. Erdormont · February 18, 2008

    Nice post. I recently got into these guys from just searching around on the web. Pretty fun and uplifting stuff to chill out to. I’ll have to buy the cd so I can really get into them.

  2. Toby · February 19, 2008

    from the sounds of it, there is no cd (at least right now). if you buy the vinyl, it comes with a digital download of the album. also saw it’s downloadable from emusic.

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