Kay Kay, Up from the Underground and On Stage

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground at the Triple Door, Seattle | 18 February 2008

which one of you is kay kay?
The stage was adorned with plastic sheep and horses, man-made foliage and flowers and lots of men with mustaches. Sounding and looking like no band at the moment in Seattle, or anywhere for that matter, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground presented their new album in it’s entirety last night at the Triple Door. Front man, Kirk Huffman decked out in his best Kevin Rowland duds, seemed genuinely surprised at the turnout for the show (it was sold out), remarking that it was the best night of his life. The band numbered 11 strong and were a pleasure to look at, reminding me of a bunch of actors still in costume just deciding to be in a rock band and go do a gig.

one girl, two mustachesAs has always been the case with shows at the Triple Door, the sound was excellent and the band with their two violins, trumpet, french horn, piano, accordion, and excellent harmonies came across like pros. Every song was just an pure aural pleasure, with Thomas Hunter’s guitar flourishes warming the room and the two violins adding a ton of depth to the sound. The strings juxtaposed with the tin pan alley horns, to me define the sound of these guys, giving them that baroque tin pan alley feel that at times has a classical feel, but can quickly change to om-pa like carnival feel with dexterous piano of Kyle O’Quin. But really it’s all window dressing if you don’t have the songs, and Kay Kay have the songs. If you’re a fan of 60’s Kinks, the Zombies, Harry Nilson and the Beatles, or of the excellent and underrated Jellyfish who updated the sound of those 60’s icons in the 90’s, then Kay Kay is your scene, in spades! Right now there is no cd release for their album, but you can get it as a digital download over at emusic, or you can order the heavy double vinyl edition which comes with a digital download. Your choice, but you really should make the choice to procure this record, it’s a breath of fresh air.

More pictures from the night over at my Flickr page.

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