Sad Day for Puppets, Happy Day for Me

Sad Puppets

How do you find new music on the cacophonous internet? Do you sit back a wait for it to come to you from a few select sources, do you have a complex RSS reader to feed you, or are you just well connected and know the right people? Maybe it’s a little of all those and some others. Me, I just wonder aimlessly around reading a lot, listening to a lot, wasting a lot of time essentially. Yesterday I was doing what I do, reading other blogs, It’s a Trap specifically and came across new Swedish band Sad Day for Puppets. It was the shoegaze tag that initially caught my eye, I’m a sucker for that tag. After listening to them, I wouldn’t really say they’re shoegaze, but more of a Mazzy Star, Mojave 3 or Concretes kind of vibe with their slightly country sound and the precious vocals of Anna and Annika Eklund.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information about the band, but when you’re new I guess you don’t have much of a history. Judging from the picture I’d guess that Anna and Annika are identical twins, or they’re just sisters with the same haircut. I can tell you that their debut EP is called Just Like a Ghost and is slated for release in April on Swedish label HaHa Fonogram home of Radio LXMBRG (not to be confused with Welsh group Radio Luxembourg). For now you can head on over to their MySpace page and check out four fine songs with very strong pop sensibilities and start counting down the days to their April release.

myspace: Sad Day for Puppets

One comment

  1. hunchie · March 10, 2008

    Nice one! I love shit like this, just strap on the headphones and float me away on a block of ice. Lemme know when you get the thing.

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