Pining at the Sunset

Hungry Pines and Levator at the Sunset Tavern, Seattle | 4 April 2008

The Seattle music scene continues to pleasantly surprise and amaze me. I was at the Sunset Tavern Friday night to see the Hungry Pines and discovered yet another Seattle band I had not heard about, Levator. A three piece fronted by multi instrumentalist Sky Lynn, they have a certain dream pop quality that live reminded me of a Slowdive or Blind Mr. Jones, replacing the flute with a saxophone though. They seem to get a lot of Galaxy 500 and Mazzy Star comparisons, and I can see that given the slow tempo and not quite overwhelming guitar. On record, they come across with a more minimalist sound that emphasizes their dream-like quality, kind of like the Breeders first album.

mp3: Levator – Another Day (from Jackson Hwy. Barnes Drive)

The Hungry Pines did not disappoint this night either, which was a possibility given Levator’s strong set. A few weeks ago I caught the first two songs of their set at the High Dive before I forced myself to leave to run across the street to see School of Language. It was tough to pull myself away that night, especially after they blazing Fancy You, but I new I’d have the opportunity to see them again, which as luck would have it, Friday night.

Choosing to focus on some of their slower songs the first half of the set, might have made for a slow start, but not the case for the Hungry Pines. Their rhythm section of Lucas Carlyle; Drums and Bryce Shoemaker; bass, keeps things lively and tight (By the way, the bass line of Me and the City is a thing of beauty). Singer and guitarist Irene Barber has a voice and look that commands attention, and Chrystie Harrison’s lead guitar is just pretty damn amazing. Their debut album Golden You is out at the end of the month, and from what I’ve heard it promises to be very, very good. The set was short and they left out Fancy You, but closing with Me and the City made me go home happy. Here’s some video I shot of the set closer Me and the City. It’s dark, over modulated and cuts off before the end, but hey this a blog, what do you expect?

mp3: Hungry Pines – Me and the City (from Golden You)


  1. Stevie Sunshine · July 2, 2008

    Thanks for posting this video! Hungry Pines are an amazing band and I ordered their album a couple weeks ago and it hasn’t left the player yet.

  2. Toby · July 3, 2008

    Agreed! Their album is quite good, but they don’t seem to be getting much attention for it.

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