Turn-on to More Seattle Music

All Wrapped up and ready to download
The price of music seems to be falling like the housing market these days, and Seattle’s Turn-Ons are adding to the price gouging by giving away their new album. It’s called Curse and continues the ethereal/shoegaze direction of their last album Parallels. The Turn-Ons sound is blend of a glam influenced sound that reminds me of Suede at times, and effects laden guitars that give the songs a psychedelic and dream-like quality. The first few listens didn’t hit home, but after spending the weekend with the new record, it’s making a lot more sense, I guess it just took a while for the slower tempo guitar haze to sink in.

Is every city like Seattle these days? it seems there are so many bands here that delve into the dreampop/shoegaze genre that we could have a scene that celebrates itself thing going on around here. With the Turn-Ons, the excellent Purrs, Levator and the new Tears Run Rings album I feel like it’s London, 1991 again. Not complaining, no way, I’ll relive that time any day. As for getting the Turn-ons new album for free, just click on over to their website. It’s good and it won’t cost you a dollar, only the time and bandwidth to download 13 songs. Also, they’ll be at the Sunset Tavern over in Ballard on 18 April if you’re up for a gig.

mp3: Turn-Ons – Crystalize (from Curse)

mp3: Turn-Ons – Here She Is (from Curse)

Get the whole damn thing: http://www.theturn-ons.com/


  1. Sammy · April 9, 2008

    I’m worried about the last song on the album, “it’s all over” it seems to say that the band is no more. Will they even release this as a CD? I see two dates left of shows, will that be the end. Wow.

  2. Toby · April 10, 2008

    Yeah, who knows? Looks like both Erik and Travis have solo albums in the can.

  3. Sammy · April 19, 2008

    False alarm, they’re good, reading too much into the lyrics I guess!

    Great show at the Sunset, wow.

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