Wishful Thinking or Taraxacum Officinale

Taraxacum OfficinaleYou know how on occasion, you see a stranger and you swear you know them from somewhere? The face is so familiar, you’re convinced that you know the person but can’t remember for the life of you where, when or how. That kind of happened to me in a musical context a few weeks ago. Some anonymous tipster emailed me a link to a myspace page, only I knew exactly where I had heard this voice before. The thing is, it’s either wishful thinking on my part or somebody is messing with me.

A little over a year ago I wrote about Hopkirk and Lee wondering what ever happened to them after they put out a four song ep back in 1998. There were rumors that they signed to a label and then the label went belly up. There were also rumors that they signed a deal with Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai to make a single amazing ep and then go to hell. So a couple of weeks ago I thought I had uncovered a piece of the mystery of Hopkirk and Lee when I got that anonymous email about the Bitter Herb. Hearing the three songs he’s posted immediately had me thinking that Hopkirk and Lee had resurfaced. So I emailed the Bitter Herb asking him if he knew of, or in fact was Hopkirk and Lee. I got a reply saying that he had never heard of ‘Hopkins and Lee’. End of story I thought, but then I got to thinking, if Hopkirk and Lee really in fact wanted to remain a mystery, they certainly wouldn’t come out and say they’re back. They would do something under a new name, right? And then there was that cryptic response from the Bitter Herb, saying he’d never heard of Hopkins and Lee. I think that little typo was just to put me off the trail, and was a bit too obvious.

Sorry to report that I haven’t found out anything new since then, maybe writing about the Bitter Herb here will shed some light and someone will come forward with some info. Not that I’m holding my breath or anything though. Whether or not there’s any relation to Hopkirk and Lee, the Bitter Herb is certainly worth talking about, it’s got elements of Fred Neil and the Jesus and Mary Cain‘s acoustic stuff and the three songs he’s posted are all quality, I hope he ends up releasing more than a four song ep. As for the Bitter Herb vs Hopkirk and Lee, you decide.

mp3: Hopkirk and Lee – Summershine

mp3: The Bitter Herb – Your Dancing Eyes

MySpace: The Bitter Herb


  1. dr.randy · April 19, 2008

    Who’s Mary Cain? Does she play with Hopkins?

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