Turn-Ons at the Sunset

Maybe I should set up some kind of residency at the Sunset Tavern over in Ballard, it seems like I’ve been ending up there a lot these past few weeks. It’s a great place to see a gig, even if the bar is in the worst place possible, practically right in front of the stage. Last night the Turn-Ons were playing for the first time since releasing their new album Curse. You can’t buy it, or hold it in your hand, the only way to get is for free over at their web site, as a download.

To my ears, the Turn-Ons certainly don’t sound like they’re from Seattle. Singer Travis Devries sings with a slight english accent and they’re effects laden wall of guitar makes you think that they moved over here from old blighty. Live they come off more powerful compared to their semi-precious sound that is found on the records. This juiced up live sound made for a blistering set of the old and the new. They started off with a temporary additional band member on bass, allowing three guitars to create a blissful wall of sound for the first third of their set. Opening with Cold Boys from Curse, but then quickly delving into their back catalog with Stop Waiting from last album Parallels and This Time from East.

I went expecting to hear a good part of the new record, but the band had other ideas, giving equal time to all of the afore mentioned albums. I think this was a good move, making for a compelling ‘best of’ set, including the excellent Strange as Snow, and the cool Erik Blood penned song Robert Altman. They ended the ten song set with a juggernaut version of PS, I Love You which left no one in the place dissappointed.

mp3: Turn-Ons – Robert Altman (from Parallels)

And if you haven’t already, you really should go download the new album Curse.

Openers Hypatia Lake were good as well, with a similar sound to the Turn-Ons, but leaning more towards a kind of heavy, droney psychedelic thing that bands like Spacemen 3 or for you younger folks, Singapore Sling do so well.

One comment

  1. bill p · April 20, 2008

    they sound like Revolver…goood stuff.

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