Pelle and Sebastian

Pelle Carlberg is hard at work recording his follow up to last year’s number one album (#1 around here anyway), In a Nutshell. To show the fruits of his labor, he’s posted one of his favorite new songs over on his web page. 1983 is like one of the stories that you read on the sleeve of a Belle & Sebastian record. He and his friend Sebastian buy new jeans, are aked for smokes and subseqenlty get spooked and give their last $5 away. He’s always gotten comparisons to Belle and Sebastian, so either he’s decided to take the piss out of those comparisons or just decided not to fight it. Either way, he certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor nor his pop sensibilities

mp3: Pelle Carlberg – 1983 (Pelle & Sebastian)


  1. Kippers · May 15, 2008

    Fantastic. Really good to hear some new Pelle Carlberg. Nice stab at an English accent too!

  2. Toby · May 17, 2008

    I’ve heard interviews, he’s got an English accent, at least to these American ears.

  3. bill p · May 26, 2008

    it’s a swedish accent, though not of the “swedish chef” variety. you can tell by the way he pronounces some words… “smiths” is “smits.”

    the guy from fanfarlo has the exact same accent (and singing style, really).

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