Anglophiles Don’t Despaire

For those of us that were less than enamored with the Sasquatch festival this year there is some consolation this week here in Seattle. I thought that the Sasquatch line up was less than imaginative, I know that it’s a NW festival, but I just didn’t have much motivation to make the drive over the mountains to the Columbia River Gorge to see a bunch of bands that play here on a regular basis. With hardly any bands from outside the US , and heavy on the Seattle scene, it just didn’t feel like it was living up to the big event that it’s supposed to be. It’s not like there weren’t a bunch of UK bands on tour that could have played Sasquatch as is evidenced by this week’s line up of bands coming through Seattle. Not that I’m complaining, now I don’t have to drive a few hours to see some bands I like, only a few minutes. Hey this is a carbon neutral blog don’t you know!

Starting off the week with a bang, tomorrow sees the reunited Swervedriver at Neumo’s. They don’t have a new album, so they’ll be playing all of the classics like Duel, Last Train to Satansville, Rave Down, Kill the Superheroes, and the Other Jesus. Seattle doesn’t get My Bloody Valentine, but this is a pretty good consolation.
mp3: Swervedriver – Duel (from Mezcal Head)

On Wednesday, Sheffield’s Long Blondes are at Neumo’s. While I’m not as enthusiastic about their new more electronic, Abba-esque second album Couples as I was about their first more angular guitar driven Someone to Drive You Home, I’m still looking forward to seeing Kate Jackson and band strut their stuff.
mp3: Long Blondes – Guilt (from Couples)

Friday the Foals are in town. Earlier this year the Foals put on a pretty kick-ass (free) show at the smaller Chop Suey. They’re back this time at Neumos. The Foals album is quite good and even though a lot of their songs sound similar, it’s a good song.
mp3: Foals – Mathletics (from Antidotes)

Competing with the Foals this Friday is one Peter Murphy over at El Corazon. Yeah, he’s best known for being the singer of Bauhaus, but he’s had a respectable solo career as well. I think Deep is my favorite Peter Murphy album, but who knows he could even throw in a Bauhaus song. Plus it gives you an excuse to bust out those old goth clothes and make-up that have been gathering cobwebs in your closet.
mp3: Peter Murphy – Shy (from Deep)

Finally, Saturday sees Welsh band Los Campesinos over at Neumo’s (Are you beginnig to see a pattern here, hint, Neumos?). Their rammshackle, hyper, everything and the kitchen sink songs are bound to put you in a party it up mood. If for no other reason show up to hear You! Me! Dancing!
mp3: Los Campesinos – You!Me!Dancing! (from Hold on Now, Youngster…)


  1. Timm · May 31, 2008

    Glad to see someone else in Seattle likes great music! I was one of the 40 or so who saw the Long Blondes on Wednesday, and also enjoyed drinking in the bar with them beforehand! Great people, awesome group!

  2. Anon · June 7, 2008

    Los Campesinos are not Welsh. They go to Cardiff Uni but are all English. Just because you shit in the woods it doesn’t make you a bear.

  3. Toby · June 7, 2008

    Yeah, I should have written that they hail from Wales. My editor must have been asleep that day.

  4. Daisy · July 9, 2008

    Great choice on the peter murphy song!
    He’s wonderful!

  5. Robin · August 26, 2008

    Hey! Thanks for posting Mathletics, looking for it everywhere. I was also hoping you might be able to tell me what I need to do to use those special flash players and where you upload your files. This info would be really appreciated! If you can’t, because of secret blogging reasons, please just tell me so I’m not left hanging =)


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