Summer Sounds of Crystal Stilts

Remember back in the day, NME would review singles and crown some lucky band with their single of the week? I haven’t picked up a copy of the NME in years so I have no idea if there is such a thing as single of th week anymore. Well, here at the finest kiss, we’ve still got a single of the week, at least in my head if not in these pages. Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts’ Crippled Croon is easily my single of the week and though the summer has barely begun, quite possibly single of the summer. It’s got a vocal doused in reverb and drums that echo all over the place with a surf guitar lick that will have you heading for the beach. If you’re a Flying Nun circa 1985 or early Mary Chain fan then this is the second coming. And they didn’t forget to write a cool vocal melody either, it’s also got kind of a happy, effervescent thing that reminds me of Phil Spector’s hit factory from the 60’s. What else could you want for a summer sound track?

mp3: Crystal Stilts – Crippled Croon (from their Emusic EP)

photo from farinas flickr photostream.


  1. bill p · May 28, 2008

    i was listening to this on the way to work this morning… i really like these guys too.

    you should also check out the vivian girls.

  2. Toby · May 28, 2008

    Yes! The Vivian Girls are ace too. Going to see them here in Seattle on Sunday. What’s with all these c86 Brooklyn bands?

  3. bill p · May 28, 2008

    I’m not sure what’s up with that, but there’s no denying it. There’s another band called Pains of Being Pure at Heart who have said they formed to be Brooklyn’s answer to the Pastels.

    For whatever reason, neither Crystal Stilts or Vivian Girls are playing the upcoming NYC Popfest, which seems like a crime to me.

  4. Matthew Britton · May 29, 2008

    I’ve not read the NME in ages either – but they do still have a single of the week. but these days, it almost seems to be done at random rather than choosing an actual good song.


  5. DIEGO · February 25, 2010


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