Single of the Week: The Muslims – Beside Myself

This is what all songs strive to be. It’s drop dead catchy, a little mysterious and has loads of attitude. Drop dead catchy in that surf guitar line that could have easily been plundered from Jan and Dean. Mysterious in what the hell is singer Matt Lamkin on about when he sings ‘With my UC ADD’, and ‘With your BBC ED …SAT IQ’. And attitude in the way these guys just ooze confidence despite The Muslims only being a band for eight months. These guys just have it, and it doesn’t seem to be a contrived it like the Strokes, though both share a VU similarity to their sound. In interviews they claim to not be fans of the Velvet Underground, but of the Byrds, Kinks, Ramones, Replacements, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray. The Muslims have a sound you don’t think too much about, it’s primal and immediate. Just go with it!

mp3: The Muslims – Beside Myself

The 12″ they released on 1928 Recordings apparently is sold out. The band promises that it’s getting repressed and back in print in July. For a few more mp3’s head on over to Love is Elusive where you can download the entire session they recorded with Omar on Rainydawg Radio back in April.

One comment

  1. Omar Shaukat · June 5, 2008

    I’m glad you’re digging The Muslims as well! Also, thanks for linking to the site, it’s greatly appreciated as I’m still awaiting HypeMachine approval. I’ll be seeing them in D.C. soon, I can’t wait. Hopefully they’ll get that second pressing out as soon as possible for everyone.

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