Box Elders: Named After the Bug, not the Tree, nor the Pavement Song

Box Elders at the Funhouse, Seattle | 9 June 2008

The Box Elders‘ have one single to their name. It’s a four song 7″ that contains three originals and a cover of the Redd Kross song S&M Party. They’ve posted the best two from the single over at their MySpace page, and it was on the strength of those two songs that got me to head over to the Funhouse on a Monday night. In fact, Hole In My Head is such a beguiling slice of lo-fi pop goodness that it alone would have gotten me to their show. It has a distinct Kiwi feel to it, so much so that you could mistake this Omaha, Nebraska band for the Clean. The Box Elders are a trio fronted by brothers Clayton McIntyre, Jeremiah McIntyre they share writing and the vocals. Drummer-keyboardist Dave Goldberg is a force of his own, harness this guy and he could solve our energy problems. They guy is a master of multi-tasking shooting fire, making funny faces, drumming and playing keyboards all at the same time. Their charming lo-fi pop, was nearly overshadowed in their live show by pyrotechnics, chest bumps, and lots of jokes.

When the guitar amp blew out of the band on before them Jeremiah jumped up on stage and told a few jokes while they switched out amps. He also had some funny intros to their own songs like prefacing one saying this is the saddest song ever written, it’s about loving someone that can’t love you back. It’s called Necrophilia. Another one was introduced as being a song about being engaged to an undersea princess from Atlantis. The jokes were interspersed with the band shooting fire from their guitars and drums. Luckily the place wasn’t crowded, so I had a straight shot to exit if the place went up in flames. The two songs I knew sounded really good, but the others kind of ran together, mostly because the bass was turned up way too loud and overpowered the guitar and the melodies. They kept it fun with their goofiness, but it could have been better if they had turned down the bass, a little. After the show Jeremiah said that his brother always wants to turn his bass up too high. The band is young, with one single to their name, but the songs are the real deal so I’m looking forward to what they’ve got in store. In the meantime, here’s the song that hooked me on the Box Elders:
mp3: Box Elders – Hole In My Head

And Here’s one from the Clean just because they’re so damn good:
mp3: The Clean – Diamond Shine (from Vehicle)

You can buy the Box Elders single from the band at their MySpace page, or directly from them on their tour. Here are the dates:

Jun 12 Bricka Braka Sacramento, CA
Jun 13 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, CA
Jun 14 Mr. T Bowl Los Angeles, CA
Jun 15 Pink Elephant San Deigo, CA
Jun 19 Beerland Austin, TX
Jun 20 Saturn Bar New Orleans, LA
Jun 21 Murphy’s Memphis, TN
Jun 22 Fred P. Otts Kansas City, MS
Jun 26 Waiting Room Omaha, NE
Jul 18 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL
Jul 19 Frank’s Power Plant Milwaukee, WI

One comment

  1. Deb Clark · June 28, 2008

    Wow, that Clayton McIntyre is a hottie!

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