Single of the Week and Other Stuff

Getting this in just under the um…wire. It’s been kicking around in zeros and ones for a few weeks, so if you’ve heard it already, then here, listen to it again because it is worth the repeat listening that I’ve been giving it. Wire are gearing up for their 47th release, it’s a full album and is called Object 47. Guess why. So in order to get you excited about release number 47, the song One of Us has been posted to their site as the first single/teaser to the record. Continuing in the a similar vein as last year’s Read and Burn 03, One of Us has an Ideal Copy feel to it, an excellent slithery bass line, a few flourishes of synthesizers and Colin Newman singing in his icy voice about ruing the day he met someone. Wire is back again, be amazed and be thankful!

mp3: Wire – One of Us (from Object 47 out 15 July)

Now for the other stuff: If you haven’t checked out the Slumberland podcasts, you really should get on over to the pod cast section and check out June’s edition. It’s done by this collective called I Smiled Yesterday and it’s nothing short of amazing. Not only do they include some current favorites of mine like the Vivian Girls and Let’s Wrestle, and old favorites like the Bodines, but there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that I’ve never heard of that is so totally ace. It’s like a treasures trove of favorite music you’ve never heard. I’m already ordering a whole bunch of stuff from that mix, and number one is Antoine et Les Problemes, if you like Jacques Dutronc, Antoine is like his long lost cousin!

Podcast: Slumberland/I Smiled Yesterday
mp3: Antoine et Les Problems – Il Suffirait d’un Rien (from Antoine Recontre Les Problemes)

Popfest NYC was this weekend. I missed it on the count of I live on the wrong side of the country to go, but my friend Bill who happens to live in the NYC environs has been attending and posting over at his blog about the many fine bands that are playing. Do Cats on Fire, Cannanes, Hermit Crabs, Oh Custer! and the Orchides get you excited? Then click over to Sound Bites to hear about it and to get the latest about the mysterious Pelle Carlberg guitar that seems to keep appearing at every single PopFest local.

mp3: Thee Headcoatees – Have Love Will Travel (from What Do You Want a Japanese To Do Again?)

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  1. brogues · July 8, 2008

    Hey there!

    Thanks for listening to I Smiled Yesterday #3 and for all the kind words … they really are much appreciated! Hope you enjoy #4 when it rolls around in a couple of weeks.

    smiles, Team ISY (Scottish Secretary)

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