Yes I Am…No I’m Not

It was a beautiful 85 degree day Saturday and 90 and sunny today in Seattle, so what does one do on such a perfect weekend? If you’re me, you paint your basement. Yeah, I’m an idiot. So in order to finish the painting, I had to move all of my cd’s out of the space they usually occupy. For most people this wouldn’t be a problem, but for me and I’m sure most music obsessed people it can be an endeavor. I got my son to help me out, and he was totally into grabbing stacks of plastic jewel cases out of shelves from one side of the basement and putting them in piles on the other side. In the midst of moving all this plastic, it was funny to hear his thoughts. Things like:

Dad, you have a lot of cd’s.
Dad, you have a thousand cds.
Dad, how many cd’s do you have?
Dad, you have too many cd’s.
Dad, you’ve gotta quit buying cd’s.

My wife came to the conclusion of those last two many years ago. I admit it, I am an obsessed collector, and I love sitting down there, with music going, just going through them, and remembering back to where I was and what I was doing when I bought or was totally into a certain album. The only time I hate the cds is when I have to actually move them. That’s when I see the absurdity of it all. What in the hell am I doing with all of these, and what exactly is the point in having all of this music. So right now in the corner of my basement there is a cube of cd’s sitting there looking pretty absurd, but once the painting is done and the move is over that silly nonsense of questioning myself goes away and I’m back to my obsession. Ahhh, I can’t wait until the relief of that, right now I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable wondering if I should get help for my problem.

mp3: Strangelove – Freak (from Strangelove)

mp3: Let’s Wrestle – I Won’t Lie to You (single)


  1. bill p · July 8, 2008


  2. Toby · July 8, 2008

    of course! it’s so logical.

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