Join in the Slow Club

It’s weird how you listen to something in one context, and it doesn’t click, but in another context and kablam! it hits you. That is the case with Slow Club. I have this Moshi Moshi Singles Club cd that collects a bunch of singles the label has recently put out, and on it is Slow Club’s Because We’re Dead. I’ve listened to the cd a handful of times but nothing has really stood out, even the Wave Pictures‘ We Dress Up Like Snowmen failed to grab me. So the other day I came across the video for Because We’re Dead and for some reason, it totally hits home. Maybe because it was out of the context of the all over the place Moshi Moshi sampler and in it’s own little place, maybe it was because the sun has been shining for days and I’m in the mood for bounce around happy music, or maybe it was the chair dancing choreography in the video. Who knows?

Whatever the case, this duo (Charles and Rebecca) have such an upbeat sound that at first I thought they were Australians. Charles’ voice has a lot in common with Darren Hanlon, and their stripped down folk sound and dexterous lyrics remind me a little of the Lucksmiths. It turns out they’re not Australians at all, but the north of England. Sheffield to be exact. The vocal interplay, the harmonies and the big shouted choruses of their two singles currently available form Moshi Moshi will make you weak in the knees if you are a Los Campesinos or a Talking with the Taxman era Billy Bragg fan. I am really looking forward to the album this duo have in store and ready for release later this summer.

mp3: Slow Club – Because We’re Dead

mp3: Slow Club – Summer Shakedown

Both of their singles can be ordered direct from Moshi Moshi. And here’s that video…

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  1. Mathias · July 3, 2008

    They are also an amazing live performance.

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