ATLK Track Two: Suddenly Tammy! to Ponies in the Surf

Song 2 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Finding a band that is similar to Suddenly Tammy! is next to impossible mainly because there are very few bands where the piano is the primary instrument. Such was the case with this Lancaster, Pennsylvania brother-sister fronted band. Beth Sorrentino was the singer and piano player, while her brother Jay was the drummer. Rounding out the trio was bassist Ken Heitmuller. So yeah, there was no guitar!?. Even without a guitar they kind of reminded me of the Throwing Muses. Their song Lamp was the number two track on One Last Kiss. It was also the standout track from their self-titled debut album that also came out on SpinArt. They went on to sign with Warner Brothers for their second album and then were dropped before they could release their already completed third album.

mp3: Suddenly Tammy! – Lamp

They may not be piano driven, but Ponies in the Surf are a brother-sister duo (how’s that for coincidence?). So Ponies in the Surf for track number two for the 2008 version of …One Last Kiss kind of makes sense. Alex and Camile McGregor are from Columbia, but now call Boston their home. Ponies in the Surf have just released their second album (their first was a cd-r on Asaurus) on Darla. It has a slight bossa nova feel to it and reminds me of the Ramon Leal & Beatrice Binotti record that came out on Siesta back in 1999. They also seem to resemble the Monochrome set a little, with the tempos, rollicking bass and playful sound. I can wholeheartedly recommend their new album See You Happy, and if you hurry, you can get the limited edition version that comes with an extra disc that has some demos as well as some interesting covers including Henri Mancini, Talking Heads and Leonard Cohen.

mp3: Ponies in the Surf – Walking in the City (from See You Happy)

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