ATLK Track Three: Lorelei to Brief Candles

Song 3 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Brief Candles Touching the Stove

Photo from j03's flickr

Lorelei, made me a fan of theirs when I saw them play in Arlington, Virginia at the Go! records Indie Rock Flea Market back in 1995. The Indie Rock Flea Market was one of the coolest things that Go! ever did. They held it in an vacant car dealership and brought in a slew of indie labels to hock their wares. So you had the likes of Teenbeat, Simple Machines, Merge, and Dischord all setting up tables with t-shirts, cds, and records for sale. At the same time their was a killer line up of bands playing a tiny tent in the same parking lot. The year I went Racecar, Edsel, Magnetic Fields, Mud, Low, Cakelike, Kickstand, Heartworms, Giant Killer, Andrew Beaujon (of Eggs) and Lorelei all played. It was a total blast, getting to hear all those bands on a sunny, not too humid afternoon. The band that made the biggest impression on me was Lorelei. They were only a threesome, but they conjured up a formidable wall of sound in that parking lot on that July afternoon. They sounded like they had two or three guitars instead of only one. They also knew how to use space in their songs, allowing the dub-like bass to come to the fore. Anyway enough reminiscing, I’d heard Lorelie years before this and of course it was track three from …One Last Kiss where I heard them first.

mp3: Lorelei – Mimesis

From an unlikely spot, way up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Brief Candles may be named for a Zombies song, but they sound nothing like them. Like many of the bands on …One Last Kiss, Brief Candles’ influences lean more towards UK shoegaze bands of the 90’s. The band have two records to their name, the first one was self released, but the second was put out in 2006 on Latest Flame and is more widely available. Apparently they are in the process of putting together a third one too. If you live in the upper Midwest you can catch them at the handful of dates below. Boy, that Kalamashoegazer fest is looking more enticing by the day (Panda Riot are also playing it).

mp3: Brief Candles – So Long (from They Live We Sleep – click to buy)

Aug 3 BORG WARD Milwaukee, WI
Aug 21 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
Aug 22 Grand Rapids House Party Grand Rapids, MI

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