ATLK Track Four: Veronica Lake to Surefire Broadcast

Song 4 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

I don’t know much about Veronica Lake, they were from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is home to the University of Michigan. They also seem to get tagged as an American version of the Field Mice. The band never put out a full album, but released a scatter shot of songs on SpinArt, Cher Doll, Simple Machines, Bus Stop and Audrey’s Diary. If you put all of their output together, it would add up to ten songs, and make a fine album. As it happens, if you hurry and click on over to You Shall Know Our Discography you can download that album. YSKOD, has generously offered up his complete set of Veronica Lake records as his final post. An aside, I’m sorry to see YSKOD call it a day, when I first started reading that blog, I thought the guy stole my record collection! Daisy Kiss is one of the more fleshed out Veronica Lake songs, and one of the sleeper tracks on …One Last Kiss. Enjoy it all by itself and see how sublimely good it is.

mp3: Veronica Lake – Daisy Kiss

Surefire Broadcast are one of the best American bands that you’ve never heard of (or maybe you have, in that case good for you!). The trio are from Hammonton, New Jersey which has the distinction of being the blueberry capitol of the world, and is conveniently located right at the halfway point between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Being so close to Philly, they seem to play there quite a lot just because of the proximity and could easily be lumped in with the excellent indie scene that seems to currently inhabit that city. They don’t really sound a whole lot like Veronica Lake, but hey, this is my compilation! They have a what I think is a jumble of the Swirlies, late period Small Factory and Henry’s Dress. A similarity the do have with Veronica Lake, at least to this point, they don’t have an album to their name. In fact I don’t even think they have a 7″ to their name. They self released a cd-r ep and are on a compilation as well. They’ve also recently been out to Portland to record with Rocketship main guy Dustin Reske, so maybe and album or at least a 7″ is in the offing. Picking one song from this excellent band was really hard, get on over to their mySpace to see what I mean.

mp3: Surefire Broadcast – Inner Child (buy Surefire Broadcast stuff!)

Here are some Surefire Broadcast live dates for you lucky East coasters (and Midwesterners):

Aug 2 SFBC Rockin Pool Party! Hammonton, NJ
Aug 16 The Lantern Blacksburg, VA
Aug 17 DC Mini Washington, DC
Aug 18 Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 20 Soap Duck Love Club Chicago, IL
Aug 21 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
Aug 22 House Show! Grand Rapids, MI
Aug 23 Andyman’s Treehouse Columbus, OH
Sep 13 The Fire Philadelphia, PA

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