ATLK Track Six: White Town to Pants Yell!

Song 6 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

White Town at the time of the …One Last Kiss release were as obscure as any other band on the compilation, maybe even more so. That would change five years later when his song Your Woman became a hit. Jyoti Mishra, who is White Town would sign with EMI and live his 15 minutes. Back in the innocent days of 1992 Mishra was self releasing singles and eps over in the UK and on Parasol in the US, and his White Town was mostly acoustic based with a few synths in the background. This little ditty about French actor Alain Delon and his suave film persona played up the fantasy world that people think movie stars actually live in. If only I could be like him, then everything would be ok. I’d always know just what to do, and exactly what to say. If only life was like the movies.

mp3: White Town – Hair Like Alain Delon

Who else could compare to White Town’s smooth sophistication but Pants Yell! This Cambridge trio are certainly not newcomers to the indie scene, they just released their third album last year (my #16 album of 2007). But as is the case with so many indie bands, they’re like a little secret of the underground. Not that anyone is trying to keep them secret, their infectious pop deserves to be heard. Who knows, they could pull a White Town and get heard on the radio, but with the high standards of this band, it would be on their own terms. They are definitely students of indie pop, naming their last album after Young Marble Giants‘ Alison Statton, and employing a sound that harks back to Orange Juice and Postcard days or C-86 band Heavenly. There’s a romantic feel to their songs, that I think has a lot to do with Andrew Churchman’s sleepy, laid-back croon. They could easily cover Hair Like Alain Delon and make it their own.

mp3: Pants Yell – Tried to be Good (by Alison Statton from their label Soft Abuse)

One comment

  1. bzangy · September 21, 2008

    Hello! Thanks for the mention! I’ve just downloaded the PY! track and I’ll give it a spin when I DJ this week,
    love and kisses,

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