ATLK Track Seven: Honeybunch to Boy Genius

Song 7 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Honeybunch’s Arm In Arm was culled from their second single No More I Told You So’s that was released by Slumberland. The band who called Providence, Rhode Island home, would end up releasing singles on Bus Stop, K, Summershine and Four Letter Words but never actually put out a full length album, which is something they have in common with a few other bands on …One Last Kiss. Luckily, all of their singles were compiled onto one disc called Time Trials, which also included a several unreleased songs. Jeffery Underhill, who was the singer and leader of the band later went on to front another underrated Providence band Velvet Crush, though he went by Jeffry Borchardt in Velvet Crush. Velvet Crush was more power pop compared to Honeybunch’s Byrdsian jangle. There was a direct, heartfelt, simplicity to their songs that made them feel like a comfortable pair of shoes. You can still pick up Time Trials and try their songs on and see how they fit. It’s on the Spanish label elephant, and it’s well worth seeking out for its understated beautiful pop.

mp3: Honeybunch – Arm in Arm

Brooklyn band Boy Genius seem to have garnered a few accolades for creating a sound that harks back to college radio’s golden days. You may remember back in the mid to late 80’s when bands like Let’s Active, REM, Dumptruck, and the Feelies ruled the left part of the dial in college towns across the country. Boy Genius have a sound that instantly brings you back to that time. They have a slightly country tinged sound, mainly due to Jason Korenkiewicz’s Glen Mercer/Lou Reed drawl. The guitars have a comfortable jangle which seem to have a connection with Honeybunch, but they have a secret weapon in Marisa Cerio’s backing harmony’s, that give the songs a nostalgic, bittersweet feel. I didn’t think they still made albums like this, Boy Genius have gracefully reminded me that it still very possible.

mp3: Boy Genius – No Beginning (buy their album Ancorage from CDbaby)

Catch Boy Genius live. Here are some upcoming dates, including an appearance at the Athens Popfest:
Aug 8 Martini Red – Staten Island, NY
Aug 9 Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC
Aug 10 Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
Aug 11 Dust Warehouse – Charlottesville, VA
Aug 13 Athens Popfest @ Little Kings – Athens, GA
Aug 15 The Third Floor – Fredericksburg, VA
Aug 16 The M Room – Philadelphia, PA

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