ATLK Track Eight: Swirl to The Brother Kite

Song 8 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Swirl were one of the three bands on …One Last Kiss that weren’t American. I’m going for broke on my retread and presenting nothing buy American bands. Not that there aren’t any Australian bands today that could fit onto the comp (hello Zebras and Summer Cats!). I just think there are so many great unsung American bands today, that I’m going all US. Swirl were one of a handful bands in Australia in the early 90’s that delved into the dream pop, miasma sound that was all the rage in the UK at the same time. Other Aussies like Jupiter, Afterglow and Blindside were kindred spirits with the better known UK perveyors of shoegaze at the time, like Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Although Swirl put out a couple albums (on Dirt records in US and Half a Cow in Australia)and even made it to the US to play they remained pretty obscure over here in the US. They’re song Helicopter that appeared on …One Last Kiss was not indicative of their guitars/pedals/distortion sound, but it was a nice slice of of sunny afternoon pop.

mp3: Swirl – Helicopter

Sporting three guitarists, one would assume The Brother Kite put up a formidable front of noise. You wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption, but you also may be surprised at how much the vocals remind you of the Beach Boys or the Zombies. They get called shoegaze, but their sound has more of a garage, powerpop feel to it. It’s a unique combination that really works and sets The Brother Kite apart from the myriad of other bands mining similar guitar territory. The band are based in Providence, Rhode Island, which was home to two bands on …One Last Kiss, Small Factory and Honeybunch. They have two albums and a handful of ep’s to date, with their last album Waiting for the Time To Be Right as their great leap forward. It came out in 2006, so their due for something new, wouldn’t you know it the band are currently recording the next album. Looking forward to it!

mp3: The Brother Kite – Get On, Me (from Waiting for the Time to be Right, buy it here.)

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