ATLK Track Nine: Our American Cousins to Bears

Song 9 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

One of the things that made …One Last Kiss so endearing to me was how SpinArt left a shroud of mystery (intentional or not) around the bands. No information was given about any of the bands on the comp, just their name and the name of the song. There was a list of thank-you’s that alluded to the people and labels that had released records by these bands, but if you wanted more information about one of the bands you were out of luck. Remember this was 1992, you couldn’t go check their myspace or wiki page, you had to wait for you favorite fanzine to maybe write something about them. Our American Cousins were one such mystery, even today there’s scant information about them. I do know that main man, John King went on to form Spent and release two albums on Merge. As for Our American Cousins, they were strictly a singles band One Wish Too Many originally appeared on a single put out by Parasol.

mp3: Our American Cousins – One Wish Too Many

There’s a little less mystery surrounding Cleveland, Ohio’s Bears. Yes, I said Cleveland, a place not usually known for it’s indiepop, but the times are changing with Bears, Afternoon Naps, the Dreadful Yawns to name only a few bands calling Cleveland home. To date, the Bears have a couple singles and an album to their name, and they’ve just putting the finishing touches on their second album entitle Simple Machinery. It should see the light of day in September. On record they’ve been a duo, but it seems like they’ve expanded the ranks of the Bears to a full band, so it will be interesting to see how that affects their sound on the new album. Back in day they could have been members of the Elephant 6 collective with their warm sound that reminds me of the mellower Apples in Stereo.

mp3: Bears – Making Something (from 7″ Make Something, buy Bears cds and single here.)

Check out Bears in a live setting:
Aug 9 – New American Music Union – Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 10 – The M Room w/ Ghosty, Panda Riot – Philadelphia, PA
Aug 11 – Red & Black w/ Ghosty, Kitty Hawk – Washington DC
Aug 12 – Cake Shop w/ PWRFL Power, – Ghosty New York, NY
Aug 13 – Death By Audio w/ PWRFL Power, Ghosty – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 14 – Space 538 w/ PWRFL Power, Ghosty, The 500s – Portland, ME
Aug 15 – PA’s Lounge w/ PWRFL Power, Ghosty – Somerville, MA
Aug 16 – Radio Bean w/ Ghosty – Burlington, VT
Aug 17 – The Bug Jar w/ Ghosty, LouLou and the Sharp Swords, Man vs. Moon – Rochester, NY
Aug 23 – Grog Shop ALBUM RELEASE w/ Afternoon Naps + Trouble Books – Cleveland, OH

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