ATLK Track Thirteen: Whorl to Tears Run Rings

Song 13 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Whorl were a two record band, two 7″ records that is (and a few compilation tracks like for…One Last Kiss). The had a very droning sound, guitar riffs that just kept repeating, and repeating. They reminded me a lot of the Fall. It’s funny, the song I Love Her all the Time that appeared on …One Last Kiss was pretty mellow by their standards. You may have been surprised if you went and got one of their singles. This was pretty atypical stuff for Slumberland. But then if you’re like me you probably loved it, even though it was a surprise. After Whorl, guitarist Rob Goldrick went on to form Nord Express and Brian Nelson (who was also in Black Tambourine) went on to join Velocity Girl.

mp3: Whorl – I Love You All the Time

Tears Run Rings are something of a shoegaze version of the Postal Service. Their album was created by the group mailing songs back and forth between Los Angelse, San Francisco and Portland. The result is an unheralded shoegaze classic. Slowdive and Chapterhouse influcences are easily identifiable, but it’s Run Run Run that really made me sit up and take notice of TRR. It has a droning sound that it shares with Whorl, or William’s songs in the Jesus and Mary Chain. It’s so good, even though it’s such a downer it will put a smile on your face listening to it as the chorus slows to a crawl, Run, Ruunn, Ru…..n. Their album is out on Clair.

mp3: Tears Run Rings – Run Run Run (buy the album Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never)

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