ATLK Track Fourteen: Small Factory to Scary Monster

Song 14 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Back in 1993 Providence, Rhode Island’s Small Factory was one of my favorite bands. Their first album For I Do Not Love You had the right combination of bright, bouncy, lo-fi pop, rushes of guitar freakouts, a perfect cover of Lois’s Valentine, and a girl drummer who also sang in Phoebe Summersquash. Actually all three of the band wrote and sang with bassist Alex Kemp taking most of the lead vocals and guitarist David Auchenbach and Summersquash providing the backing vocals. While I really, really like I do Not Love You, their best cd is the Industrial Evolution that came out on the now defunct Boston label Pop Narcotic. It compiled all of their early singles released on the likes of Slumberland, Pop Narctotic, Collision Time, and Simple Machines. Their early stuff sounded like they were tying to be the Verlaines, and then the Blake Babies, which are both good things. They eventually transcended those influences, but at the same time losing the innocent pop sweetness that made them so endearing in the first place. They broke up after their second album that came out on Virgin subsidiary Vernon Yard. Kemp and Summersquash went on to form the Godrays, but that band never captured the magic of Small Factory.
mp3: Small Factory – Hey Lucille

When I first started matching up bands for this series, some of them were so easy. The bands seemed to be joined through time by their sound and influences. Others parings may have been a stretch and a leap of faith. But for this one, I knew who it was going to be right from the start. Putting Scary Monster to Small factory as easy as picking daisies at a flower shop. On Scary Monster’s MySpace they have a quote “Do you like Phoebe Summersquash?” Front guy Neal Ramirez even wrote a song called Phoebe Summersquash. But it isn’t just the Phoebe Summersquash obsession, it’s the fact that their acoustic based pop and Ramirez’s voice are dead ringers for Small Factory. Oh, and they have a girl drummer who sings too, her name is Carly Marcoux. One other sad thing that the bands have in common is that their both broken up. Scary Monster, earlier this year self released a cd-r album called Makeout Party at Werewolf Club, and they seemed on their way to establishing themselves to a wider audience. But Ramirez has moved from Philadelphia out to Los Angeles effectively ending the band. Too bad, because the world can always use another band that sounds like Small Factory.

mp3: Scary Monster – New Country (buy Makeout Party at Werewolf Club direct from the band)

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