ATLK Track Fifteen: Velocity Girl to Katie the Pest

Song 15 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

Named after an early Primal Scream song, Velocity Girl originally started out with Bridget Cross as their singer. When Cross left to join Unrest, Sarah Shannon joined the band as the new singer. Soon after that they recorded their seminal classic Forgotten Favorite. I don’t think they ever surpassed it’s sublime noisy beauty. The Washington, DC band was made up of the remnants of other DC bands like Black Tambourine (guitarists Archie Moore and Brian Nelson) and Jim Spellman from the Highback Chairs. They followed up their appearance on …One Last Kiss by signing with Sub Pop and releasing their first album, Copacetic. Copacetic never quite surpassed the dizzying heights of Forgotten Favorite, but songs like Crazy Town and Pop Loser came close. They shifted gears a bit for the follow up album, the John Porter produced, Simpatico (my favorite), toning down the feedback and going for the jugular with straight ahead pop songs. I defy anyone not to sing the woo-hoo’s in the chorus of Sorry Again!

mp3: Velocity Girl – Forgotten Favorite

From Washington, DC circa 1992 we go out to Long Beach, California circa now and Katie the Pest. The band or at least Talia Rose who is the singer, guitarist and songwriter have been around in some form or another since the early 00’s. They have a handful of releases under their belts including a split album with Banner Day and and EP called This Giant Will Kill You. The sound is kind of a merging of some of the great girl groups of the early 90’s including Tsunami, Tiger Trap, Cub, Henry’s Dress, and of course a little Velocity Girl. I think the new split single with Sterling Says is my favorite thing they’ve done to date. Apparently there is a new album that has been recorded and ready to go…anxiously waiting to hear it. In the meantime, here is Spit It Out.

mp3: Katie the Pest – Spit It Out (from the Commodity Fetish single)

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