ATLK Track Sixteen: Courtney Love to Cars Can Be Blue

Song 16 of 19 in the …One Last Kiss retread, otherwise known as After the Last Kiss…

The story goes that Lois Maffeo and then Love Michelle Harrison were living together in Portland and came up with the perfect name for a band in Courtney Love. Maffeo used the name for her band, and Harrison used the name for herself. Maffeo’s incarnation of Courtney Love was never quite as famous, or infamous as Harrison’s. Maffeo’s band put out a hand full of singles on K and Feel Good All Over and the odd compilation track. It was pretty basic acoustic based punk rock, not very distant to what Lois would go on to do under her own name. Baseball Bat off the …One Last Kiss compilation was a catchy acoustic riff, full of attitude and spite. I’m just glad I wasn’t the guy at the receiving end of the baseball bat!

mp3: Courtney Love – Baseball Bat

Did you ever, or maybe you do know someone that tells you more about themselves than you ever wanted to know? Athens, Georgia’s Cars Can Be Blue are kind of like that. Cancer of the Uterus, Psoriasis, graphic sex details, abortions, dating Batman, it’s all in there, but it’s set to simple punk riffs that remind you of something from K records. Cars Can Be Blue are a duo consisting of Becky Brooks who sings the songs and plays guitar and Nate Mitchell who handles the drums. They began as improve comedy team, but ended up as band. The name Cars Can Be Blue comes from a sketch from the MTV comedy the State. They have two albums out on the Happy Happy Birthday to Me label. Their second album just came out in June. It’s called Doubly Unbeatable and was recorded by Jeff Walls who played in another band from Georgia, Guadalcanal Diary. They may be a bit more in your face than Courtney Love the band ever were, but certainly funnier than Courtney Love the person has ever been.

mp3: Cars Can Be Blue – Do You Remember? (from All that We Do on HHBTM)

If you missed them at the Athens Pop Fest, here are the remaining dates of the current Cars Can Be Blue tour:
Aug 19th @ JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
Aug 20th @ Star Bar – Atlanta, GA
Aug 21st @ Eclipse – Jacksonville, FL
Aug 22nd @ TBA – Orlando, FL
Aug 23rd @ Wayward Council – Gainesville, FL
Aug 25th @ Gallery Above – Panama City, FL
Aug 26th @ Sluggo’s – Pensacola, FL
Aug 28th @ TBA – Athens, GA
Aug 29th @ TBA – Macon, GA
Aug 30th @ TBA – Atlanta, GA

One comment

  1. aj · August 19, 2008

    i used to love Guadalcanal Diary. but then I listened to 2 x 4 a few years back. Now I’m not so sure. But I’m still a fan of the Bends, so what do I know?

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