Hungry Pines Call it Quits

Surprising, sad news from the Hungry Pines over on their MySpace. The band have called it a day only months after releasing their first album. There wasn’t any real reason given for their dissolution, only the vague desire to move on. It was all a bit anticlimactic as well, no final show to see them one last time. I’m glad I got to see them the four of five times that I did. Their album certainly will rank high in my year end poll of Northwest albums. The Hungry Pines had a sound that was equally influenced by classic rock and UK indie. I use to think that I had a thing for girl rhythm sections but the Hungry Pines’ Irene Barber and Chrysti Harrison fronting the band made it pretty damn hot to be playing guitar and singing. I’m especially bummed out because Chrysti Harrison is one of my favorite guitarists in Seattle. I liked the way she didn’t over play, not filling up the songs with noise, but using economical blasts of distortion and a general pop sensibility to her playing. Here’s one of my favorites from their album, which you still can buy.

mp3: Hungry Pines – Me and the City (buy Golden You)

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