Invest in Martin Carr

It’s been nearly ten years since the Boo Radleys decided to call it a day.  Since then Martin Carr, who wrote all of the Boo Radleys’ songs including the one that this blog is named for, has been releasing records under the moniker of Brave Captain.  The songs and their delivery have never been too much of a departure from the Boo Radleys with the only noticeable difference being the absence of Sice who could really hit those high notes.  Carr’s voice isn’t as stiking as Sice’s but he has managed to keep my attention over the years with his records.    His early Brave Captain records incorporated various sounds including strings, horns, sampled voices and the occasional loop.  His later stuff has skewed a little more towards the electronica spectrum with Carr taking over nearly all aspects of making the records, choosing to stay at home and create bedroom symphonies.

After offering his last album Distractions as a free download, Carr has decided that a radical change in how he releases music was in order.  First off, he’s dropped the Brave Captain and is now going by plain old Martin Carr.  Second he’s thrown his lot in with Bandstocks.  Bandstocks is not quite a record label, it’s more like an investment opportunity.  Essentially he’s got to raise some dough to put out his new record, fifty grand in two months to be precise.  It’s like a movie.  The setting is the barren wasteland of the once mighty corporate record labels where youngsters in the wild west of the internets send music back and forth without spending a dime.  Will he raise the money in time?  Will this new business model be a success?  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion, or maybe just the beginning.

You can even have an effect on the outcome,  by putting up as little as 10 pounds sterling.  For that princely sum,  you get a download of the record when it’s released, your name in the liner notes, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re one of the good guys.  But you won’t be able to call him up as he points out on his blog,  “and demand that I use more sitar on the future recordings or suggest that I should get my bloody haircut. ”  He says he’s going to release it on vinyl, so your name will likely be readable as opposed to needing magnifying glass to read the cd booklet.  And what happens if he doesn’t round up the 50K?  I prefer not to think that will happen, but this is a pretty safe investment, since you get your money back if things go bad.  You can head on over to his MySpace page to check out the new songs.  He’s incorporated a kind of a jangly SoCal sound to these new songs.  It’s a more more acoustic based sound similar to his first two Fingertip Saint Session ep’s that he released as Brave Captain.    The new album was recorded with Charlie Francis who has worked with the High Llamas (Gideon Gay & Santa Barbara), R.E.M (UP), Robyn Hitchcock (Jules for Sopia) and  Toshack Highway, and is titled Ye Gods (and little fishes).  I dare say that it’s the best stuff he’s written since the dissolution of the Boos.  Get in while you can!

Invest: Martin Carr’s Bandstock Page (if you aren’t a citizen of the UK, you’ll have to send Martin Money via Paypal, details can be found here.)

Preview the new songs: Martin Carr’s MySpace

Here’s a selection of songs from his releases as Brave Captain, all of which are still available to buy.

mp3: Brave Captain – Raining Stones (from The Fingertip Saint Sessions Vol. 1)

mp3: Brave Captain – Tell Her You Want Her (from Go With Yourself, Fingertip Saint Sessions Vol. II)

mp3: Brave Captain – Betsi’s Beads (from Advertisements for Myself)

mp3: Brave Captain – All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace (from All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace)

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